Rooms & Outdoor World

Our nursery was designed to offer a home away from home whilst making available lots of educational learning opportunities for children to reach their full potential in a safe secure environment.

Ofsted says:

"Hippitots Children’s World is on your doorstep and our traditional building has all the character and warmth needed to offer familiar homely surroundings for children whilst ensuring they have the encouragement and facilities to progress." Ofsted, June 2014

“The environment is highly stimulating and organised. Children access an extensive range of activities and resources so they can experiment, investigate and challenge themselves, both indoors and outside.” Ofsted, June 2014

Our setting is organised as follows:

Baby Room – 0 to 18 months old/Competent walker
(Maximum of 6 babies in the Baby Room with a staff ratio of 1:3)
A familiar world. This room has been designed to be a natural and comfortable transition from home to nursery, with soft and comfy furnishings to create a calm and welcoming environment. 

The baby room has a very family friendly feel; it is designed to make babies comfortable and relaxed – a home from home. The room has soft and comfortable furnishings. The floor is partly carpeted and wood effect washable flooring. There are mobiles and other visual stimuli on the walls and ceiling. Also incorporated in the room decoration are sensory experiences for babies with different textures and materials. There is a CCTV camera in the baby room (not covering the nappy room) which is monitored from the manager’s office.

The Baby room and the Little Rainbow Room are connected by a sensory area, which is also used as a sleeping area. When appropriate both rooms can be opened up to make one large area.

 Little Rainbow Room – 18months old/Competent walkers to 3 year old
(With a staff ratio of 1:3 for children aged less than 2 year olds and 1:4 for 2 to 3 years old)

An exciting world. This room has been planned to offer a rich, excititng, interactive learning environment for toddlers to discover whilst learning through play both indoors and out.

The room offers an exciting interactive learning environment for toddlers to discover and develop through interactive play. Accessible from the Little Rainbow Room is a purpose designed outdoor area with safety grass. The equipment in the area is designed to encourage and enable appropriate physical development. It includes a sand pit, chalkboard, mirrors and much more.


The Jigsaw Room for children aged 3 & 4year olds
(Maximum of 32 children with a staff ratio of 1:8)
A world of new learning. This room introduces children to a range of new activities to help them use their imagination. The well-resourced but spacious area is designed to offer plenty of opportunities for learning.

The Jigsaw Room is our pre school and Out of school area. It is a very active industrious room where children are constantly engaged in stimulating learning activities. Its design enables flexibility in our planning and in developing new learning opportunities.

It is designed with distinct areas: an investigation area containing sand and water play plus malleable experiences, creative area, mark making and ICT area, snack table, mathematics area, cosy book area, small world, role-play and construction.

Out of school and Holiday club
(4 to 12 years old)

Providing a relaxing and supportive environment where children can play, explore their creativity, do their homework or just chill out. Children help to plan the themes and activities for the school holidays.

Outdoor World
We believe that it is important for children to have the opportunity to play and use their imagination with the added benefits of fresh air and exercise. That's why Hippitots has a large 30m2 garden that is highly secure allowing children plenty of room to enjoy being outdoors.

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