About Us

In our world we aim to:

To provide affordable high quality care and education available to all and tailored to meet each child's needs.
Encourage children to explore the world providing opportunities to stimulate interest and imagination through play and other learning activities.
Encourage positive attitudes to self and others and develop confidence and self-esteem.
Foster good relationships between staff and parents with regular opportunities for both formal and informal communications.
Encourage the emotional, social, physical, creative and intellectual development of children and prepare them for the world outside.

The nursery is set out to ensure that your child gets the most out of a range of activities and opportunities that are specially designed for his or her individual needs.

Admission Procedure
At Hippitots we are committed to providing a professional service to ensure the best quality care for children. To ensure that admissions to Hippitots are offered on a fair and transparent basis, the following procedure will apply to the management of the waiting list and admission. All parents/carers and children will be invited to visit Hippitots.

Priority will be given on a first come first serve basis. If, on making an enquiry about a place for their child, a parent/carer is informed there are no places available, Hippitots waiting list procedure will be explained and then activated on the parent/carers behalf.

Parent/carers will be encouraged to submit their request for a place for their child on a waiting list form. No charge is applied to this.

If there is no immediate place available the parent/carer will be advised of how long they are likely to wait for a place and will be contacted if a place becomes available.

Once a place is confirmed by the Manager a deposit of £200 in advance is required. This is refundable upon the start of the place but if the place is cancelled then there is no refund of the deposit. This does not apply to children only using the free 2 year old 15 hours or 3 & 4 year old entitlement.

A designated member of staff will contact the parent/carer concerned and arrange a date for the child's first settling in visit.

At admission parents/carers will be required to share information about their child e.g. allergies, contacts etc. (My Details pack & room child fact sheets) and be given an Admissions Pack.

Parents/carers will be required to sign a contract of admission e.g. payment, holidays etc.

All children will be allocated a named key person.

We recognise that settling in to a childcare environment can take longer for some children, children will be admitted on a staggered basis and we welcome parents/carers staying with their child for as long as they feel necessary. We will vary the length of stay for children in order to cater for their individual needs and where necessary provide one to one care until the child has settled.

Equal Opportunities
At Hippitots every child in our setting is a star irrelevant of their background, ethnic group, ability or religion. We promote and encourage children’s understanding of different places and beliefs in the world, as well as celebrating our differences.

Promoting British Values
We are committed to fostering a climate and ethos in which British values are promoted and maintained as a part of children's education.

The four areas of British Values are:


Promoted through allowing children to be listened to and afforded time to ask and respond, building an understanding that their views count.

Rule of Law

Promoted through children managing feelings and behaviour, teaching consequences of behaviour and distinguishing right from wrong.

Individual Liberty

Promoted through children developing a positive sense of themselves, aiding their confidence and self-esteem and allowing them to explore the language of feelings and responsibility.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Promoted through our ethos of inclusion and tolerance, sharing different faith celebrations, and providing resources and activities which challenge gender, cultural and racial stereotyping.

In each of these areas, parents are welcomed and encouraged to promote these values with us. Each of these values is also reflected in our policies and procedures which are available to parents at each of our settings. We promote positive parent partnership.

Key Person
A key person has special responsibilities for working with a small number of children, giving them reassurance so they feel safe and cared for. They also build relationships with parents/carers ensuring parents/carers are fully aware of what their child does each day. Your child's key person will be responsible, (along with the other members of staff in your child's room), for the care your child receives during their time at Hippitots, as well as observing their development and interests enabling them to design activities and opportunities that stimulates your child's development. She/he will be able to inform you about your child's day at Hippitots and be available should you wish to discuss any issues or answer any questions or queries you may have.

Additional Services

Children's Diaries - allowing information sharing with parents and carers alongside daily verbal communication
Parents Newsletter - termly newsletters informing parents and carers of the activities their children will be experiencing
Regular Excursions - examples being to the pantomime at Christmas or farm to see the reindeer, visit to local community events
Private Car Park - available for drop off and collection of children

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